Implement software projects stress-free and scale sustainably

Accelerate development in your TypeScript projects - right now and on your own!

We bring you to the point that you can implement your <b>projects stress-free, smoothly and in the sense of the customer goals</b>. We do not want to create a new dependency on external service providers, but set ourselves the goal of sharing our experience with you during the collaboration.

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Problems and goals that we encounter regularily.

Overcome problems

  • Insufficient capacity
  • Overworked seniors
  • A chasing customer
  • Technical debt
  • Not enough profit

Achieve goals and desires

  • Resources with room to spare
  • Freedom for innovation
  • #1 in the clients thoughts
  • Scalable architecture
  • Financial leeway

How you will benefit from our approach

  • Rocket We fill more than one role, contribute ideas and <em>take responsibility</em>.
  • Speech bubble We bring our knowledge to the project and offer <em>mentoring on the job</em>.
  • Brain on a chip We have an unbiased view of the status quo and <em>open up perspectives</em>.
  • Star We distinguish trends from hypes and know <em>what will really get you ahead</em>.

It is difficult to transfer the knowledge from trainings or tutorials to real world projects — this works much better through direct support during daily work.
Andreas Roth

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How you can kick-start the development of your TypeScript app without burning yourself.

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We convey knowledge!

We deal with all topics related to web technologies.We share this knowledge on our blog, in our trainings and workshops as well as at conferences and meetups.

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