Sustainable development of your Software-Projects

Accelerate the development of your software projects

We support you in realizing your software projects stress-free, smoothly, and in line with your customers’ objectives. Without the creation of new dependencies on external service providers, instead, we pass on our experience to you during the cooperation.
Known challenges in software development

Challenges and opportunities for software producers

Software Producers often encounter similar problems. Despite good developers and well-thought-out processes, projects develop cumbersomely.

Your team is stressed, new staff is expensive and hard to find, and it becomes increasingly difficult to achieve the usual product quality.

Characteristic Obstacles

  • Insufficient capacities
  • Overburdened Seniors
  • Customers breathing down your neck
  • Building-Up technical debts
  • Insufficient profits

Goals and Objectives

  • Sufficient ressources
  • Leeway for inventions
  • #1 in the head of the customers
  • Scalable architecture
  • Financial authority / flexibility

Accelerate your Software-Project

Your project in the limelight

Software projects with TypeScript and modern web technologies

Just about to start, or have you been on the road for a while? No matter where you are at the moment, together with you, we evaluate your initial situation and find out which path is the right one for you. Together we will lay the foundation for a scalable architecture or help you to accelerate the development of web projects that are already underway.
Set up and scale your TypeScript Project
With us, you can set up TypeScript projects easily and scale them smoothly, while at the same time building up skills and capacities in your team and accelerating the development of current and future web projects.
Discover and internalize technologies
We equip your team with the skills to expertly use modern web technologies. To this end, we distinguish trends from hypes.
Manage software projects & processes
We ensure that your software projects get on track - both in the business and in the dev arena.
Your project in the limelight

Software projects with TypeScript and modern web technologies

To implement web projects stress-free, smoothly, and in line with requirements, it is necessary to secure sufficient capacities and experience, create secure & scalable software architecture, and make decisions for a future-proof technological basis.

Dependencies on external parties, time pressure, and pressure on your team lead to escalating costs, torn deadlines, piling technological debts and overall jeopardising your project´s success. We provide the solution for this:

Lift-Off Workshop or Accelerate Workshop
esveo Typescript-Accelerator
To implement web projects stress-free, smoothly, and in line with requirements, it is necessary to secure sufficient capacities and experience, create secure & scalable software architecture, and make decisions for a future-proof technological basis.
Statement of Problem
Solution Design
Your Added Value: Active coaching through our Dev-Tandem
Phase Out: Your Project has been successful, and your team is future-proven.
We provide knowledge
We deal with all topics surrounding web technologies. We share this knowledge on our blog, in our training' and workshops, and at conferences and meetups.
"Getting the knowledge from coachings & tutorials to the tarmac in real projects is difficult - it works much better through direct support during the project work."
Andreas Roth, CTO

Accelerate your Software Projects

Increasing demand for scalable software

Obstacles in the implementation and scaling of software

Process automation through software inhibits incredible potential. While the web is becoming more powerful & wiedespread, emplyoing web technoligies provides increasingly efficient solutions to complex tasks.

In our White Paper you will learn how to develop your web apps without burning your fingers.

What it is / what's innit for you

  • Identify causes for the slow progress of your software projects
  • How to adjust to influence the speed of development
  • How to adjust without falling into the familiar traps?
Our passion for Web technologies

How we work together on your project

Years of experience in software project development have shown us the proper mechanisms, methods, and tools to meet and master challenges in project development.

Our team of experienced software developers works solution-oriented and supports you in successfully completing your project. We focus on you, the software producer, and support your team as tech experts and knowledge brokers. That´s how you become the #1 in your customer's mind!

esveo Team